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  • Driving School  | JLW Auto School  - Malden, MA

  • Adult Driving Lessons at JLW | JLW Auto School  - Malden, MA

Upcoming Driver Education Program Schedules are located in
Driver Education Program Classroom
All applicants who are interested in the weekend road test must email permit to [email protected]



- All applicants must email their permits to [email protected] or message (781) 363-9710
- Anyone interested must submit information by Sunday at 5 pm
- By Friday evening we will call you to confirm,
- Waiting period is 2-4 weeks

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Driving School

There are many reasons why you should come to JLW Auto School to improve your driving skills. Basically, we can teach you how to drive responsibly through our classroom and the on the road classes.
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Driving instructors

JLW Auto School driving instructors have skills and knowledge when it comes to staying safe on the road. They teach theories and conduct pre-driver training.
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Adult Driving Lessons at JLW

Driving classes at JLW Auto School come with the best rates, excellent instructors and full student support. We have outstanding Driver’s Education Programs designed to mold students into responsible drivers.
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$625 for Driver’s Education Program includes

30 Classroom Hours
12 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving Time
6 Hours Observation Time
2-Hour Parent Class.
Mock Test Lessons
To register, please call or text (781) 475-3766

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Real ID Federal requirement:

MA Residents with U.S passport or passport card never need a REAL ID

MA Residents may continue to use their driver’s licenses and identification cards to flu within the U.S and to enter federal buildings until October 2020.

On October 1, 2020 a valid U.S or foreign passport, U.S Passport card, military ID or driver’s license which is READ ID compliant, will be required to enter U.S government buildings and to board flights within the U.S.

MassRMV will begin to issue READ ID compliant credentials and encourage them to visit the RMV REAL ID Wizard:

What does this mean for students:

Credentials issued after March 26, 2018 require proof of Lawful Presence
- Applies to both Standard and REAL credentials
- Means you care legally living in the United States

Students who received Learner’s Permits before March 26, 2018, but will take the road test after March 26, will need to prove lawful presence before receiving a driver’s license.

Students receiving Learner’s Permits after March 26 will prove their lawful presence when the permit is issued.

Enrolling in a driving school is not just for new drivers. It is also a good decision for experienced drivers who aim to improve their skills. Professional instructors will teach you the road rules that will keep you and other people safe. However, getting into these classes can be costly. It’s a good thing that you can eventually get all the money you have spent back over time. This includes discounts on your insurance premium and savings you get from not getting into accidents.

JLW Auto School offers you the best driving experience while you learn. We will provide instructors who are friendly and courteous. Our classes are also open to Chinese-speaking students who have a valid Massachusetts learner’s permit or driver’s license. We offer private lessons, road tests and a driver’s education program. All these offerings come with competitive rates. If you want to complete 30 hours for the Jr operator License classroom, you may complete the ours in just 5 days on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you are looking for way to lower insurance premiums and stay safe on the road, contact JLW Auto School now. You can reap a lot of benefits after just a few hours with us.